John’s voice

Since 2010, the Jesuit Community in Msida, Malta, has been welcoming around 40-50 African Catholics, mostly from Nigeria, for Sunday Mass. Over the years, the community has been enriched with the presence of other members coming from Malta and from other European and Asian countries to become a truly Universal Community.

“As a Christian I always used to going to Church, but once in Malta I found myself celebrating with people I had never met before. However, I must say that I really enjoy being with them and every Sunday, I say to myself: “Wow!  It’s Sunday! I’ll once again be in the midst of the community, and get to know better their way of life and their way of worship.”space


spaceAt first, it was quite difficult, but little by little, when I started to get to know the community, I felt very welcomed. Now I feel very relaxed and settled and I can say that being part of this community has helped me to live and hope again despite the ordeals I encountered in my life and during the journey which brought me to Malta.

Our community is a brotherly community and I see everyone as my brother and sister. When I first arrived, other people used to spend time with me and welcome me. As I have grown older in my experience of Christianity, it’s important for me to help others feel welcomed when they first join the community. That’s why I find time to be with others, interact with them and ask questions. I especially like the meeting after Mass, which gives us the opportunity of discovering in everyone our brother and sister, irrespective of nationality, race and colour.”


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