Hwawar u Fjuri (Herbs & Flowers)

An experience of friendship and sharing



The unique experience that for me was “Hwawar u Fjuri”, will last pleasantly in memory for a very long time.
What attracted my attention first was my love for herbs and flowers and the peaceful atmosphere of the cloisters where these seminars were going to be held. But from the first meeting it turned into an experience of friendship and sharing of life stories.
Each seminar with its own title inspired in each participant to talk of his own experiences, through herbs and flowers into life, like mourning which brings sadness and tears, love which brings joy and happiness and all these life emotions which different cultures express through herbs and flowers.


The spontaneous hug to a girl who was missing her mother’s love, the eagerness of another youth to savour the beauty of flowers (after seeing so much ruin and destruction in his own country), and to want to learn their names, were unique emotions I couldn’t have experienced anywhere else.
Months afterwards I was invited as a helper to participate in a youth exchange in Spain. Amongst the themes that were chosen for discussion were Immigration, Human Trafficking, Discrimination on Ethnic group, etc. We were divided into groups and each was assigned a title to talk about and also with very little resources play out. My group was given Immigration!


My experience would have been very poor if I had expressed only what I saw on TV. I hope that my experience through Hwawar u Fjuri helped me express from my heart the sentiments of sadness, loss, loneliness and so many more deep human feelings that were shared during these seminars.


Tanya Debono, volunteer


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