How can I nominate an initiative?

To nominate an initiative, click on one of the nominate buttons either on the homepage or within a country section.

This will take you to an online questionnaire which will ask you for more details about your initiative. This is available in all the project languages. It begins with instructions on how to complete it.

spaceI’m not sure if the initiative/campaign/NGO I have in mind is actually a community building initiative. How can I be sure?

Diversity is the main criteria for thinking about community building initiatives; however, all CBIs should have these basic characteristics:

– Bring together local citizens and refugees

– Have a structured meeting location and regular meeting times

– Promote social inclusion of refugees into the host society

– Enable local citizens to benefit from their interactions with refugeesspaceWho can nominate a community building initiative to be a part of I Get You?

Anyone can nominate an initiative that they know of to be a part of I Get You. The leaders of the initiative can also fill out the mapping questionnaire directly without being nominated.spaceWhy do we want to know about community building initiatives across Europe?

JRS is embarking on a mapping project of community building initiatives across 9 European countries. The purpose of this project is to identify best practices of building positive, inclusive communities for refugees to enter into. We want to find what is working to welcome and integrate refugees into society so that we can make recommendations and advocate at the national and EU levels for support and replication of successful initiatives.

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