An unbelievable country

When we first arrived from Bangladesh, we didn’t know much about Malta. But many things surprised us in this unbelievable country. The majority of people in Malta are very peaceful, very helpful and very kind. Especially Fr Vella and Fr Philip from the Emigrants Commission, as well as Sr Agnes from the Balzan Open Centre where we were staying for the first few months. They were very helpful. It was unbelievable. They are like our parents, like another family. When we arrived we were hopeless. We were facing a life and death situation. But they gave us opportunities and a new life. space


We are gradually getting to know Maltese culture and Maltese people. It’s very interesting for us. Now I have some Maltese friends from the parish where we are living, but also from outside the parish. We know people from various places, from all over the island. They come to our house not with money, but to help my daughter with her homework. It’s unbelievable.
We are very lucky. God helped us. Nowadays, when I see some elderly people carrying some heavy baskets, I stop to help them. I feel it is my duty to do something for them because people in Malta helped us so much!


Sumon (name changed to protect identity), together with his wife and daughter, are part of a community-building initiative called “Nilqghu il-Barrani” (Welcome the Foreigner) which has seen the Emigrants Commission in Malta led by Fr Alfred Vella turning to parishes to host asylum seekers in Malta. 



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